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 Rules: Read it.

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PostSubject: Rules: Read it.   Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:57 pm

Quote :
All works of literature on this website are in every way the property of their owners and not to be copied, altered, or reproduced without author or admin approval.

By joining you agree that this site is an as-is membership. We reserve the right to let a member go for any reason deemed worthy when we wish, and you are free to leave with no repercussion when you come back should you choose. We do not have to notify you of the site going down for maintenance or shut down, as we rarely have control of these issues.

No hate, or negativity will be permitted.

This website is for adults, 16+ or 18+ depending on where you live. Mature topics like death, sex, and anything in between may come up.

Every post must contain at minimum 150 words. RP's are at least 5 posts between two or more people, or 1000 words solo post RP.

All works are contributions to the site and it's admin, Amore and LadyNiekai.

These are the rules agreed to upon signing up for membership. They are not debatable and apply site wide.

Further more, communication with admin, and between players will be done in a professional, friendly manner. Those who wish to take an aggressive or out right aggravated/foul mouthed approach will deal with me.

Please get along, and enjoy your RP here.

Rules are subject to change without prior approval or clearance from members or staff.

-If you have trouble, try the FAQ, most answers with links can be found at the top of the page regarding Daer'gaia and navigating it.

-If you are going to be away from the forums for more than a week, please post a Leave of Absence thread in the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. After two weeks without a reply in a current RP with no LoA thread, your character is forfeit to the decisions the admin make in it's direction; this could mean killing it off if you do not respond via PM.

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Rules: Read it.
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