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 Magic and the way it works

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PostSubject: Magic and the way it works   Sun May 01, 2011 9:28 am

Magic in Daer'gaia

Magic is based upon the five elements here, but also thrown in are the elements of Light(divine power) and Shadow(Chasotic/Demonic powers)

All spells are categorized upon a basic 7 way table. Each power is based on a scale of 1-14; 1 is the weakest and 14 the highest. When these elements are combined properly, they form spells and interact with the physical world upon the Magi's direction.

The bond of all living things. This is the most commonly shared strength among the races of the surface world. This imposes the Magi's will upon the spell they cast. In the same terms, it is this magic known for altering the mind, and creating Illusions.

Usually received from a divine being or dedication to one. Those who follow the Light are usually healers, paladins, or monks. This is the strongest sort of healing magic, and usually accompanies strength in Fire.

The negative energies of the Cosmos are destructive in nature, instead of naturally occurring and focused, it is forced to bend to the magi's will, and warps the world around it. Most dark, necromantic, and blood magics follow this route especially, using it's chaotic power to do their bidding. Along with the 5 basic elements Dark Elves are the major practitioner here.

The Fire of the sun warms the planet, and like the planet soaks up the warmth, so does the Magi. Drawing from the heat around them, they can create threads of fire to use in spells, or create actual flames to throw like balls, or rain from the sky. Most Avaeren's find ease in these spells.

Earth magic can be used by non-magi such as Druids, Nymphs, and other fey. It can also be used in casting spells, such as the making of the Ents, or birthing of the Dryad race. Combined properly, and under able hands the power over the element can be used to cause massive earthquakes, moved large stones, or cause mud, rock, or land slides. Most common among the Wood Elves and High Elves.

The magic of life in motion. Water surrounds Daer'gaia, consuming a large portion of the planet. Through weather, sea, and lake it winds its way through all aspects of living. Those who use it's magics are usually sea magi, or sea creatures. This element is used in heavy relation to Air in weather spells.

Air, the power and might or gently flow of breath in a desert. Versatile, and in the lungs we house. Strength in this aspect is usually found strongest among those who fly, the Avaerens, although many High Elves find a taste for it.

So the breakdown goes like this:

Light /14
Shadow /14
Spirit /14
Fire /14
Earth /14
Water /14
Air /14

+2 Magi Intellect

Total: ##/100

This is your maximum potential score, or equivalent to strength in Magic. You will not start out this strong unless your bio is approved to do so.

So now we get to the Ratings:

Talent Strengths:
3/14= Weak
4-7/14= Average
8-10/14= Strong
11-14=Using this element, with this degree of strength and skill is possessed only by admin approval.

Totals Rated:
10-25 = Weak Magus
26-50= Apprentice Magi/ Half-taught
51-65= Powerful magic users, usually older than many human lifetimes.
66-89= Arch-magi, usually old even for immortals. Most are birthed from Ancient Magi bloodlines.
90-100= A force of nature, a literal conduit of power on earth. Unattainable. No exceptions. Admin reserve the right to appoint those who've eared it this status.

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Magic and the way it works
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