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 Human Hiarchey

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PostSubject: Human Hiarchey   Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:19 am

Humans can vary among personality. Some can be cruel and powerful while others are kind and weak. They can handle many different temperatures from the cold arctic, to the flaming desert. Humans are known to invent a lot. Such as technology. Spy technology is often used within the humans.

Magic is not too common within the humans but can be found. Usually higher magic skills found in human is mixed with elf of some sort. The humans seem to be able to do more with technology than anything. Things that are new to some elves.

Humans generally fear the dark elves. Thus making many technology for them to spy on the others such as animals in which the animal is not really alive any longer or powerful weapons which can not be outrun. The humans really stick to themselves , but are split between the Alliances. Some follow the Dark Elves out of fear or hope of power, others follow the Alliance of Nation, and there are still others who claim none at all.


Head General of the Human army
Ruler of the humans
Warriors in the army
Peasants (regular human beings)


To be added to the list post here with character name and rank.
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Human Hiarchey
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