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 Wood Elf Hierarchy

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PostSubject: Wood Elf Hierarchy   Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:01 am

Wood elves have a high sense of trust and nobility. They are known to stick to their word. They give out a lot of trust and tend to receive much back. Wood elves are very talented in the art making but also very talented in the art of fighting. Though wood elves generally try to stay away from fighting they will do what ever it takes to protect their forest. Wood elves hate the dark elves and are allied with the High elves and also the half breeds.

Magic is NOT common among the wood elves, however they have small bits of magic regarding Nature. Such as a dead flower can be brought back to life, or a tree which has been destroyed by a storm can be replanted with the same exact seed but without the seed.The wood elves homes are accessible off the ground if you can get to them. The wood elf tribe forest and the great tree are highly guarded. Wood elves keep themselves to the Western Daer'gaia.

Wood elves are very loving, however the only "Royalty" for the wood elves is that an arranged marriage is set for the priestess every three lives. As the priestess is reincarnated over and over again. (If you are interested in the arranged marriage please PM Ava) The druids are high in the wood elf tribe.

High Priestess of the Grove- Leader Ava
druid council of 3- eldest three druids advise the High Priestess
Druids/ healers/ craftsmen/ warriors/ everyone

To be added to the list post here with character name and rank.
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Wood Elf Hierarchy
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