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 Avaeren Hierarchy

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PostSubject: Avaeren Hierarchy   Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:49 pm

Avaeren's have a heavy sense of honor and duty. Their word is like an oath, they always do their best to live up to expectations, and what they say they will do. The society is reclusive and only deals directly with the High and Wood Elves. As a generality they dislike humans and always hate the Crimson Convocation members and Dark Elves.

Magic is common among them, and they dwell in high cavernous homes of beautiful stonework. most Avaeren buildings are inaccessible from the ground.

Among the Royalty it is common for the King and Queen to challenge one another. This is to ensure only the correct and most sensible laws are passed. Siblings vie for power, whoever has the most favor with the current Queen is usually chosen.


King and Queen- Starcaller House

Royal Family - Queen of the High Elves Laeyn Starcaller (3rd in succession to Avaeran's)




To be added to the list post here with character name and rank.
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Avaeren Hierarchy
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