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 High Elf Hierarchy

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PostSubject: High Elf Hierarchy   Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:13 pm

A complicated system forms the web that holds the High Elven Kingdom together. It contains not only Kingly influences, but also Military as well as civilian representative influences as well. Here is where you will learn who controls what, and names will be added as they appear.

::The Royals, first and foremost, have the first and last opinion in all decisions. - Queen Laeyn Starcaller, Lady Niekai Blackleaf

::Second in line are the Advisers, which are the heavy Military influences, Civilian Influences, and Magi Influences. This would include the General, The Council, and the Council of the Goddess. Their say is law when it comes to minor matters or matters that require their specialties and cannot be a decision made by the Queen alone. This includes Warfare, death penalties, exile, Historical matters, and civilian law. - General Wolfeye

::Third in line are the Lieutenants, Maji Squires, and Royal Advisers. They assist in decision making but in retrospect have no say in any of the official matters.
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High Elf Hierarchy
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