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 World History

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Daer'gaia was begun many moons ago by the Gods and Goddesses who roamed the Universe. The Children of the Cosmos they called themselves, and this planet was made by their hand, though it was not the first. Through each they kept leaving, to return one day and see what was made of the gifts given the people on them.

Into this planet they made life, and to drive it they set its wheel with godly hands, and magics without end. It is through these powers that Magi can channel the Power, or a Priestess use the Light to heal. Every magic has a counter, the Light has the Dark, the Fire has Water. Balance was key, the continuity of the planet's life required it.

The Goddess of Intellect and Wisdom created the first race, for it was her turn on this planet to choose to populate as she wished. She gave birth to the High Elves, and loved them thus she granted them immortality. Enhanced mind magics, and the handling of air. They were her first children, but some denied her and her gift, and to those she turned her back, taking immortality from them. the Wood elves would later find pity form her brother, the God of Stone, and become creatures of the wood. The Goddess created the first rulers of the High Elves, a Man and woman. Each was beautiful, more so than the rest of the race. They had a greater understanding of the world, and magic.

Next came the God of the Stars, every sun in every system was representation of his warmth and power. He smiled at his Sister's beautiful people, and in the spirit of competition he always wished to burn brighter. From the fires of his soul he melded the Avaerens. Winged beautifully pale creatures, with wings of astonishing variety of color protruding from their shoulder blades. To them he gave great Bravery, but also a sense of Honor and Pride. His gifts with Fire and foresight he gave to them, and a ruling blood he made; of golden white winged people, man and woman. He named them the first of the Kings and Queens. to the Queen he gave great magical power, and visions of the future, to the king he gave great intelligence and bravery, honor that made him seem to glow with righteousness.

His Sister smiled at her brother's race, she liked them, and thus her people felt a liking for them. She placed her gift of immortality upon them, and in return her brother gave her people great pride as well, and a great sense of the future. They smiled, and looked upon their work. They did not know there darker siblings plotted, sewing seeds for chaos one they grew tired of this planet and moved on. And move on they did, some 7,000 years ago the Pantheon vanished. The people no longer saw the gods walking among them, saw miracles performed in the cities. Magic was the only reminder they had remained.

The humans emerged later, a hidden gift of the darker siblings. They needed to destroy the land to live, there very nature was corrupting. Some the Wood elves found, and turned to the way of the forest, but many knew no better, and began deforesting large areas, creating country farms on which to live, eventually large cities that needed wood to run daily. They mine from the earth, and kill other creatures for sport. Humans are unpredictable, and the only race to be split across the alliances.

The Dark Elves were the first to discover the darker magics which also fueled the earth, when they created the Halfbreeds. Since there exile from the surface world their practice with these magics have grown, and they worship the Dark Gods who were once the givers of its power. They have built elaborate tunnel systems throughout the land, leading to two cities lead secretly by allied humans or halfbreeds. They also maintain two underground cities of a vast nature.

The times of the First Queen ad Kings was three generations ago, soon to be four. The next High Elven Queen is a halfblood, part Avaeren and part High Elven. Some say this should not be allowed, but her half sister, Princess and High Elven, had no wish for the throne. The Wood Elves are seen less and less outside of their groves, and the humans seem to know something is going on between the alliances.

Times are tough, tougher if under the Crimson Convocation. The world is a place of bows and swords, if you want a hot bath you heat the water in buckets filling a tub more often than not. The only form of light after dark aside from magic, are candles and the candle light street lamps within cities. Times are primitive, but our minds are not. Trouble brews in Daer'gaia, will you help her?
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World History
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