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 Dragon Flights

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PostSubject: Dragon Flights   Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:17 pm

Red: Loyalty and Honor; advanced fire users and fierce fighters--Avaerian Loyal

Blue: Intelligent and Scientist like, magic and ice/wind users. Prefer to fight from a distance--High Elf Loyal

Green: Honorable and Earth loving. Warders of the forests and land. Poison ad sleep magics, along with earthen magics are their forte. --Wood Elf Loyal

Bronze: Keepers of time, they use sand magics and wind-- Watchers of the Humans and time, Loyal oly to those who may change the course of history

Black: Destruction and Chaos rule this flight, they seek power. Adept in necromancy and blood magic--Loyal to the Dark Elves

White: Noble and honest, weather magic and lightning are there specialties--Loyal to the Witches Isle and the High Elves

Dragons require admin approval to RP as they are limited in number. Magic wise they are no stronger than an archmage, except they have large fangs and claws to help them in battle...oh yeah and spiky tails to watch out for. ;..;
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Dragon Flights
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