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 The Cities of Daer'gaia

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PostSubject: The Cities of Daer'gaia   Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:12 am

The Northern Cities-

Salmondra:rainy weather, stormy seasons, and usually smells of sea salt.(Human ruled)

Liahnai: Home of the Wood Elves and Humans.

Winter's Front: Dark Elf underground city.

Western Cities-

Western Grove: Home to the Wood Elves

Caelyna: Secondary and newer home of the Wood elves, it is not yet to Grove standards.

Elandr: Home of the High Elves.

Elya: Home of the Avareans. Their homes are built high among the trees, and cliffs on the island. Outsiders are not welcome here.

Eastern Cities-

Rae'din: Second home to the Half breeds, these protect the high elven city of Silmataurea.

Sul'nie: Trading outpost, turned into a city, the populace is varied.

Kinaem: Dark Elf city, hidden deep beneath the earth

Silmaturea: High Elf capital City.

Southern Cities-

The Sun Seat: Avareans home, and seat of power. Beautiful archways and bridges with large open windows from which to take flight line the outer walls with a large sanctum for star reading atop it all.

Ral'dohr: Halfbreeds. Magic outlawed here.

Southern Ral'dohr: Human ruled. A large prosperous city.Halfbreeds, humans, dark wizards. Not the kind of place to raise kids.

Aran'dun: Mostly wood elven but other races have made a home here, including humans

The Ancient Alliance
Compact of Nations
The Crimson Convocation
Find the map [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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PostSubject: Alliances   Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:20 am

Quote :

The Ancient Alliance:

All High Elven and Avareans are allied. Through the High Elves half of the halfbreed race is also part of the alliance.

(Tend to be Neutral on most world events only the High Elves and Avarians decide on the Alliances actions, although the halfbreeds may offer suggestion or deny their support, verbally and militarily.)

Compact of Nations

The two human cities have allied with the Wood Elves and harvest wood only from unprotected/ caretaker forests. Compact of Human, Wood Elf, and some of the Halfbreed populace.

(Tend to be very proactive in driving the earth toward a good direction of prosperity and peace. Your average, good, hard working folk and spiritual leaders, magi, and more. The 'Normal' to Heroic Good, usually follow this Pact of Nations.)

The Crimson Convocation

Look at this like the alliance of thieves and no goods. The Halfbreeds who hate magic, along with the Dark Elves bonded together against their common foe. The entry to the Dark Elves layers have been positioned beneath the Halfbreed magic outlawed city.

(Tend to be people who would be called anarchist or evil. These seek to dominate the world, usually for their own goals. They think once they use their allies to win, they can easily out them and become rulers. Trust is something scoffed at among followers of this alliance.

These are the governmental alliances only, how far your character goes in disliking someone of another Allegiance, or sticking to their own alliances stereotype is up to you. Remember however that if you begin acting like a different one of them, you will be viewed as trying to make the attempt, and asked to leave your city. Pray the alliance you've come to embrace will have you.
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The Cities of Daer'gaia
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